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Conference on Debt and Financial Stability – Regulatory Challenges © Frank Rumpenhorst / Bundesbank

"Sovereign debt needs to be backed by capital"

Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann calls for a reassessment of the risks of government bonds in banks’ balance sheets. At a high-level Bundesbank conference in Frankfurt am Main, he advocated moving forward with a European solution should it be impossible to achieve global agreement.


Picture shows an IPhone with Bundesbank-App

New Bundesbank app for smartphones and tablets

The Deutsche Bundesbank has launched its own app for smartphones and tablets, which is available for download free of charge. This new app provides users with the latest information on Bundesbank publications, matters of interest and key dates, all in one convenient location. An interactive module on banknote recognition explains the security features of euro banknotes.


 Dr. Jens Weidmann

"Monetary policy should not be absolved of responsibility for financial stability"

In the opinion of Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann, monetary policy makers must not stand idly by at the first signs of speculative exaggerations in the asset markets. As part of their existing mandate, they have to also take into account the effects of financial imbalances on price stability.


Photo shows a ship in a harbour

Monthly Report March: German economy remains lively

The German economy was buoyant during the first three months of the year. The Bundesbank economists, writing in the latest Monthly Report, expect economic output to remain on a marked upward trajectory in the second quarter. Another topic they discuss is what needs to be done to strengthen the regulatory framework underpinning European monetary union.


Photo shows the Press conference on annual accounts 2014 © Frank Rumpenhorst / Bundesbank

Bundesbank posts €2.95 billion profit in 2014

The Deutsche Bundesbank posted a profit of €2.95 billion for the 2014 financial year, compared with €4.59 billion in 2013. Speaking at the financial statements press conference in Frankfurt am Main, Bundesbank­ President Jens Weidmann mainly attributed the year-on-year decline in net profit to the further drop in interest income.


Photo shows gold bars of the Bundesbank © Bundesbank

Germany´s gold reserves

The relocation of Germany's gold reserves is currently in full swing. In 2014, the Bundesbank transferred 120 tonnes of gold to Frankfurt am Main from storage locations abroad: 35 tonnes from Paris and 85 tonnes from New York. A new film explains how Germany's gold reserves came into being and the reasons behind the relocation.


Claudia M. Buch © Alexandra Lechner / Bundesbank

"A more developed financial system is the basis for economic growth"

Bundesbank Deputy President Claudia Buch pointed out that a more developed financial system contributes to fostering economic growth. In a speech delivered at the Frankfurt Finance Summit 2015 she noted that "financial systems which rely more on equity rather than debt finance can be conducive to growth, and they tend to be more resilient to shocks."


Dr Joachim Nagel

"No responsible central bank would go down such a route"

Even if central banks could cover potential balance sheet losses by printing more money, this is at most a theoretical scenario for Bundesbank Executive Board member Joachim Nagel. Such an approach would "undermine a stability-oriented monetary policy and compromise the underlying mandate", he said in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.


Dr Jens Weidmann

Weidmann: Europe must expedite reforms

According to Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann, by purchasing large volumes of government bonds, the Eurosystem is once again providing ex ante assistance. In a speech delivered in Zurich, he called on governments and the European Commission to use the time in order to strengthen the long-term conditions for growth in the euro area, explaining that structural reform could unleash innovative power and enhance productivity.


Photo shows Dr Andreas Dombret

Banking regulation: important reforms are still outstanding

Bundesbank Executive Board member Andreas Dombret has spoken out in favour of further advancing the regulation of banks. In an interview with the German daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, he noted that action was still necessary, particularly concerning shadow banks and OTC derivatives trading. He added that an additional loss buffer was also being discussed.


20 euro banknote, second series

New €20 banknote to enter circulation at the end of November

ECB President Mario Draghi unveiled the €20 banknote of the Europa series on 24 February 2015. The new banknote includes an additional innovative security feature in the form of a “portrait window” set in the hologram, which makes it even more counterfeit-proof than its predecessor. The new banknote will enter circulation on 25 November 2015.


Technical Central Bank Cooperation

International Central Banking Courses 2015

The Centre for Technical Central Bank Cooperation will be offering a range of international central banking courses in 2015 as well. Please use the online application to apply. An overview of these courses you can find here.


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