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Jens Weidmann during a speech

Weidmann: Give policy decisions time

Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann has spoken out in favour of giving the monetary policy measures time to take effect. Speaking at the Bundesbank's inaugural Capital City Reception in Berlin, he said it was in any case unrealistic to expect the measures to have an immediate impact on inflation.


Andreas Dombret during a conversation

Dombret: banks need to meet their challenges head on

European banks are currently facing major challenges. However, it is the industry's responsibility to step up to the plate and overcome these obstacles on their own, warned Bundesbank Executive Board member Andreas Dombret in a speech given in London. He further remarked that it is not the job of central banks, banking supervisors or politicians to avert or resolve difficult situations in the banking sector.


Pier Carlo Padoan, Italy’s Minister of Economy and Finances

Italy's Minister of Economy and Finance gives lecture in Frankfurt

On 21 October 2016, Italy's Minister of Economy and Finance Pier Carlo Padoan will give a lecture at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main on measures to stimulate economic growth and employment. Both the presentation and the subsequent question-and-answer session can be streamed live online.  


Flags of Europe

Monetary union making its members more resilient

In the current issue of the Monthly Report, the Bundesbank’s economists report that the European monetary union is making its member states more resilient to global financial shocks, such as a financial crisis. However, this protective function could mean that member states do not respond assertively enough when things go wrong.


Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann, left, and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble

Weidmann rebuffs IMF

Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann has rebuffed demands by the International Monetary Fund for Germany to use fiscal policy space for growth-stimulating measures. A more accommodative German fiscal policy would not relieve the perceived drag on the global economy, he said at a press conference following the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings.


Blue digital binary data on computer screen

G7 countries endorse fundamental elements of cybersecurity

G7 Fundamental Elements of Cybersecurity for the Financial Sector endorsed by G7 finance ministers and central bank governors on the margins of IMF annual meeting in Washington, DC


Andreas Dombret an seinem Schreibtisch

Banks need to realign their business models

Business models at many banks are "not particularly sound and too short-sighted", Andreas Dombret, Executive Board member at the Bundesbank, writes in an op-ed piece for Germany's Wirtschaftswoche business weekly. Mr Dombret argues that banking must transform itself back into a normal economic sector, one in which earnings are generated through sound business models.


Shopping street with convertible and sightseeing bus

Is monetary policy increasing inequality?

Critics claim that the Eurosystem's current monetary policy stance is increasing the inequality of wealth distribution. An analysis in the Bundesbank's latest Monthly Report shows that they shouldn't jump to conclusions.


Skyline Frankfurt am Main

Covered bonds – safe assets with side effects?

New Edition of the Research Brief, newsletter issued by the Research Centre: A study provides a theoretical model of covered bonds and identifies potential drawbacks of the instrument.


Mark Carney

Carney: Climate change an opportunity for financial stability

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney argues that transitioning to a low carbon economy presents more opportunities than risks. He used the Arthur Burns Memorial Lecture in Berlin to explain why green finance cannot conceivably remain a niche interest.


Jens Weidmann

"Problematic proximity to fiscal policy"

Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann warns against asking too much of monetary policy, saying in an interview with various European newspapers that the European Central Bank can't solve every problem.


Andreas Dombret in front of an artwork

Dombret: "Global economic recovery still on track"

The International Monetary Fund's Annual Meeting is being held in early October against the backdrop of weak global growth, low inflation rates and modest growth in world trade. The risk of prolonged stagnation is being overstated, said Bundesbank Executive Board member Andreas Dombret ahead of the meeting.


Cover der Publikation International Central Banking Courses 2016

International Central Banking Courses 2016

The Centre for Technical Central Bank Cooperation will be offering more than 40 international central banking courses in 2016. Please use the online application to apply. An overview of the courses you can find here.