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Below are the press dates of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Questions about individual releases or events, please contact the press office of the Deutsche Bundesbank, phone +49 69 9566-3511.

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Bundesbank Monthly Report - January 2017 German version

The January 2017 Monthly Report contains an article on the Eurosystem’s asset purchases and the euro exchange rate. In addition, it analyses how debt levels have developed in the non-financial private sector in selected euro-area countries.

Neujahrsempfang der Hauptverwaltung in Sachsen und Thüringen Speech held by Dr Andreas Dombret, title: "Bleibt alles anders? Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der europäischen Währungs- und Bankenunion"

Participation after registration. The speech will be published.

Contact: Deutsche Bundesbank, Regional Office in Saxony and Thuringia,
Kristin Gruner-Ziegler, tel. : +49 341 860-2600, email:

G20-Conference "Digitising finance, financial inclusion and financial literacy" Speech held by Dr Jens Weidmann, title: "Digital finance – Reaping the benefits without neglecting the risks"

Participation after registration. The speech will be distributed in advance with an embargo.

Contact: Deutsche Bundesbank, External Communications,
tel.: +49 69 9566 3221, email:

Falschgeldzahlen 2016 Press release on counterfeit banknotes