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Below are the press dates of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Questions about individual releases or events, please contact the press office of the Deutsche Bundesbank, phone +49 69 9566-3511.

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ECB Governing Council meeting with press conference

Institute for Law and Finance

Speech held by Dr Johannes Beermann

The speech will not be distributed.

Counterfeit money 1st half of 2017 Press release of the Deutsche Bundesbank Embargo: yes

Bundesbank Monthly Report - July 2017 German version

The July 2017 edition of the Monthly Report describes the market for bonds issued by non-financial corporations in the low-interest-rate environment and developments in government interest expenditure in Germany and other euro area countries. It also contains articles on private interest income developments, taking into account inflation and taxes, as well as on the threats to the global economy posed by protectionist tendencies. Finally, the report also introduces the latest innovations in the monetary financial institutions’ (MFI) interest rate statistics.