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Pictures archive of the Deutsche Bundesbank

High-resolution image files are available for download in a variety of formats at the pictures archive of the Deutsche Bundesbank. The photographic images provided in the pictures archive may only be used for editorial or private purposes if the Deutsche Bundesbank is specified as source. Any further use for commercial purposes, in particular for advertising, is not permitted.  

Any processing, changing or manipulation of the digital images, which goes beyond colour corrections, cropping or reducing the overall size, is not permissible and only allowed with prior written consent of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

If you require additional visual material, please contact us for assistance. Please heed the user instructions regarding the use and reproduction of the coin and banknote images. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff in our Press Office.

Jens Weidmann

Executive Board

Pictures of the Executive Board members: Dr Jens Weidmann, Dr Claudia Buch, Carl-Ludwig Thiele, Dr Andreas Dombret, Dr Johannes Beermann.


Bundesbank building

Logo and building of the Deutsche Bundesbank

You will find the logo of the Deutsche Bundesbank and pictures of the building in various formats.


Bundesbank - Gold ingot

Gold and gold ingot

Gold ingot, goldeuro


Additional information


Image of a telephone

Here you will find the contact details of our press representatives.


Reproduction regulations  

This is where you will find an overview of the regulations regarding the reproduction of banknotes and coins.