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Here you can search for speeches of the current and past members of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank from 2003 until today, which were held in English.

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02.10.2015 | Prague
Dr Andreas Dombret

Moving together - one year of European banking supervision

Speech at the ESE Conference 2015 "Financial supervision in Europe - on the right track?"
Banking Supervision
30.09.2015 | Frankfurt/Main
Dr Andreas Dombret

The glass is half full - Seven years of regulatory reform in the financial sector

Keynote Address at the Euromoney Conference "The Public Sector Financing Forum"
Banking Supervision
28.09.2015 | Paris
Dr Andreas Dombret

Capital requirements, the shadows and a level playing field – current challenges in financial regulation

Statement at the Banque de France conference "Financial Regulation – Stability versus Uniformity. A focus on non-bank actors"
Banking Supervision
23.09.2015 | Gütersloh
Dr Jens Weidmann

Euro crisis and no end in sight?

Speech at the industry soirée of the industry confederation for the district of Gütersloh (Unternehmerverband für den Kreis Gütersloh e. V.)
Monetary Policy
22.09.2015 | Beijing
Carl-Ludwig Thiele

The euro − past pitfalls and future challenges

People's Bank of China School of Finance at Tsinghua University
Financial Stability
18.09.2015 | Oestrich-Winkel
Dr Andreas Dombret

Digital Darwinism and the financial industry – A supervisor’s perception

Speech at the EBS Symposium
Banking Supervision
18.09.2015 | Frankfurt am Main
Dr Andreas Dombret

The impact of low interest rates – Results of a survey among German banks

Statement for a media briefing on the low-interest-rate survey conducted by the Bundesbank and BaFin
Banking Supervision, Financial Stability
17.09.2015 | Münster
Dr Andreas Dombret

Interest rate reversal in the United States and German banks

Introductory statement at the annual meeting of the Verein für Socialpolitik
Monetary Policy
07.09.2015 | Münster
Prof Claudia Buch

Evaluation and macroprudential policy

Annual meeting of the Verein für Socialpolitik
Financial Stability, Monetary Policy
23.07.2015 | Frankfurt am Main
Dr Jens Weidmann

Financial market integration from a central banking perspective

Speech held at Eurobörsentag 2015
International, Banking Supervision
Number of results: 338 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50  …  Forward Last page