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Here you can search for speeches of the current and past members of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank from 2005 until today.


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29.04.2016 | München
Dr Jens Weidmann

Rede anlässlich der Amtswechselfeier in der Hauptverwaltung in Bayern

Rede in der Hauptverwaltung der Deutschen Bundesbank Bayern
Bundesbank, Monetary Policy  |  No English translation available
27.04.2016 | Rome
Dr Jens Weidmann

Solidity and solidarity in the euro area

Speech delivered at the German Embassy in Rome
Monetary Policy, International  |  DEIT
25.04.2016 | Amsterdam
Dr Andreas Dombret

On the prospects of growing electronification in the capital markets

Statement at Eurofi High Level Seminar 2016, Amsterdam
Economic Situation, Payment Transactions
21.04.2016 | Hamburg
Dr Andreas Dombret

Overshooting the mark? Banking regulation and its implications for banking business

Speech for Bankenverband Hamburg at the Bundesbank Regional Office in Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein
Banking Supervision  |  DE
20.04.2016 | Hachenburg
Dr Carl-Ludwig Thiele

Die Zukunft des Zahlungsverkehrs zwischen bar und virtuell

Vortragsveranstaltung an der Hochschule der Deutschen Bundesbank
Payment Transactions, Cash management  |  No English translation available
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