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Here you find bulletins and surveys of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European Central Bank.

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Analytical framework for the assessment of an appropriate domestic buffer rate
Bulletin, Survey | Financial Stability

International Cash Conference 2014

At the International Cash Conference in September 2014 papers on a variety of topics were presented and discussed. Costs and benefits of cash and cashless payment instruments, the role of cash in financial crises as well as the payment behavior were …
Bulletin, Survey | Cash management

An empirical study of the utilisation of cash and cashless payment instruments

Has payment behaviour in Germany changed in recent years and, if so, how? This is the question posed in this study, which is based on survey data gathered in the autumn of 2011 in a repeat of the survey on payment behaviour first carried out in 2008. …
Bulletin, Survey | Cash management

International Cash Conference 2012

The conference volume comprises a wide range of multifaceted papers addressing different aspects of cash, that were presented and discussed at the International Cash Conference in February 2012.
Bulletin, Survey | Cash management

An empirical study of the cash withdrawal behaviour of the German population at ATMs and bank counters in Germany

The Bundesbank study on payment behaviour in Germany, which was published in 2009, showed that cash continues to be an extremely popular method of payment and that no significant changes in payment behaviour in Germany are expected in the short to …
Bulletin, Survey | Cash management
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An empirical study of the selection and utilisation of payment instruments in the Federal Republic of Germany

Cash continues to be consumers’ preferred payment method. Nonetheless, the turnover share of cash transactions in the German retail trade has been slowly but continually falling for years. Having said that, the proportionate fall is balanced out by …
Bulletin, Survey | Cash management
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In 2002 the Federal Ministry of Finance asked the Deutsche Bundesbank to present a study on currency requirements in Germany. This study is intended to contain a macroeconomic analysis of the quantitative development of cash, as well as qualitative …
Bulletin, Survey | Cash management
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Number of results: 7