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Monthly Report of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Monthly Reports from August 1948 until today

Below are the latest Monthly Reports. Please use the publications search and sort by type of publication and date to find earlier issues from August 1948 until today.


The June 2014 edition of the Monthly Report explains – beside the outlook for the German economy as macroeconomic projections for 2014 and 2015 – Europe’s new recovery and resolution regime for credit institutions. It furthermore comments on the changes in the methodology and classification of the balance of payments and the international investment position. In the end, cash withdrawals at the point of sale against the background of motives for use and implications for cash holding are described.

Open file 2014-06-16 | 1 MB, PDF

The Monthly Report May 2014 comments on the economic situation in Germany in spring 2014

Open file 2014-05-19 | 1 MB, PDF

The Monthly Report April 2014 comments on the reliability of international organisations' estimates of the output gap as well as on the implications of the Eurosystem's monetary operations during the financial crisis. Furthermore, some approaches to explaining the behaviour of inflation since the last financial and economic crisis are described.

Open file 2014-04-28 | 1 MB, PDF

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The Monthly Reports from 1948 to 1999 have been scanned. They are available as image files and cannot be searched as full texts.

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