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Publications of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Publications of the Deutsche Bundesbank

In this section you will find all publications of the Bundesbank, which can be obtained as a print and / or online edition. Below we present selected publications. You find additional publications in the left navigation or about the search.

A page of the Monthly Report of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Current Monthly Report

The monthly reports of the Deutsche Bundesbank handle economic issues, including monetary policy and financial and economic policy issues.


Cover: Safeguarding stability

What instruments are available to monetary policy makers? Why must credit institutions be supervised? And how are TARGET2 balances created? The brochure “Safeguarding stability” provides an insight into the broad range of Bundesbank topics.

Cover of the Conference Volume: Euro banknotes in a cash drawer

This conference volume contains the majority of the presentations held at the conference and other photographically impressions of the conference.

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