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Federal securities  

In its role as fiscal agent of the Federal Government the Bundesbank fulfills different tasks related to the issuance and settlement of Federal securities.


Research Centre  

A Research Centre was established at the Deutsche Bundesbank in 2000 to examine a range of economic topics. The scope of the centre's research was extended in March 2005 to include banking supervision, financial stability and risk modelling.


Reporting systems  

The Bundesbank carries out surveys relating to external sector statistics and banking statistics via the reporting system. It also assumes responsibility for collecting reports relating to banking supervision.


Time series databases  

Here you can view the Bundesbank's current statistical data as time series and download them as a CSV file.


FAQ Cash Management  

This is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the euro banknotes.



SEPA denotes a Single Euro Payments Area, in which all payments are treated as domestic transactions. Since SEPA was launched in January 2008, no distinction has been made between domestic and cross-border payments.


Current press releases  

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Stack of books

Further Publications of the Bundesbank for download.