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Accesses to the ExtraNet

Certain business processes provided by the Bundesbank’s business units can be carried out via ExtraNet.

Initial registration

If you are not yet an ExtraNet user, you can register here.

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User administration

(Only available for users that have already registered.)

Here you can use an existing user ID to register for additional specialised procedures as well as to make changes to your user profile (view, change, delete).

Interactive services  / reporting portals / master data search engine

In addition to the filetransfer application, ExtraNet has interactive applications which you can use to create reports, submit bids, manage collateral, create payment notifications, submit queries about borrowers and borrower units as well as other functions.

ExtraNet - filetransfer

(Only available for users that have already registered.)

The filetransfer application is used to securely upload and download files between customers and Bundesbank business units.

External links

ExtraNet documentation

The ExtraNet documentation gives details of the technical specifications of the Bundesbank's new e-business platform (eg browser settings, the file transfer application and the user registration application).

Additionally, the Bundesbank's departments and business units publish detailed descriptions of their ExtraNet services (eg explanations regarding the content, data formats, legal basis, etc).

The ExtraNet documentation is in four parts. It can be downloaded as PDF file.


Additional information

General information on ExtraNet  


ExtraNet is an efficient infrastructure based on state-of-the-art internet technology.



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