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We are currently experiencing an increase in instances of members of the public receiving fraudulent telephone calls from purported Bundesbank employees. Such scams include promising prize money upon payment of a processing fee, for example. These telephone calls do not originate from the Deutsche Bundesbank but rather represent cases of attempted fraud. The Bundesbank does not generally award prize money of any kind. Similarly, an increasing number of e-mails are being circulated in the names of Bundesbank President Dr Jens Weidmann and Bundesbank employees, complete with a Bundesbank logo. These e-mails are not authorised by either Dr Weidmann or the Deutsche Bundesbank and are likely cases of attempted fraud. Such e-mails should be deleted immediately. Under no circumstances should any attached files be downloaded or opened.

Unauthorised use of name and logo

For some time now, unauthorised individuals have been attempting to obtain credit card details, PINs and other access data by contacting people through fraudulent e-mails, letters or calls in which they misuse the Deutsche Bundesbank's logo or claim to be Bundesbank employees.

These e-mails, letters and calls do not originate from the Deutsche Bundesbank. Instead, they are attempts to trick recipients into divulging their personal and financial information via messages that appear to come from an authentic source (also known as "phishing").

The Deutsche Bundesbank does not contact individuals to request their personal identification information (authentication media) for bank cards, internet payments, etc. If you receive requests for this information containing the name, logo or address of the Deutsche Bundesbank, you should therefore assume that they have been sent by unauthorised third parties or are phishing attempts. The Deutsche Bundesbank strongly advises you not to respond to phishing e-mails or letters. You may be required to report these phishing attempts immediately to the local law enforcement authorities. The Deutsche Bundesbank shall not accept liability for any losses incurred should recipients reveal their personal identification information by responding to such phishing attacks.

Therefore, please make absolutely sure that you only disclose your personal identification information to authorised individuals via official channels of communication, as agreed with your credit institution, credit card company, etc. In addition, you should never click on any links or open any file attachments contained in phishing e-mails as they may allow viruses to spread to your computer.

Queries and orders

We will respond to your queries and orders as quickly as possible. However, since we receive a large number of queries, there may be a slight delay before our reply reaches you. Publication orders must be made in writing and must include a full address (postal address with first name, last name, telephone and/or fax number)and, if applicable, a customer number.

We will neither reply to nor retain queries and orders which do not include a full address.

Browsing using mobile devices

the Bundesbank's website was optimised for browsing on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The website now includes responsive design technology and automatically adapts to fit the screen size of various mobile devices. This provides users of these devices with an easier overview of current topics and content.

  • Accessing the main navigation menu

    Grafik: Navigationselemente für mobile Endgeräte You can browse the website using the quick access bar, which comprises the customary icons to open the navigation menu, to return to the homepage, to open the search function and to change the language.

  • Navigation options

    Grafik:Ausgeklappte Navigation When you open the navigation menu, the navigation options will appear across the screen. This menu contains all the main navigation items. Select the "+" symbol to view all available subitems. To close the navigation menu and return to the previous page, select "X" in the top right corner of the menu.

  • Switching views

    Grafik: Navigationselemente zur Desktop-Anischt
    You can switch to the classic version of the website at any time by selecting "to desktop view" at the bottom of each web page.

    Grafik: Navigationselemente zur mobilen Anischt
    You can return to the mobile version of the website by selecting the corresponding "to mobile view" icon.

  • Special features and exceptions

    A footer navigation will also be displayed at the bottom of each web page on tablet devices. This navigation feature, however, will not be available on smartphones to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

    The time-series database found under "Statistics" will continue to open on mobile devices in the classic desktop view as the information content is too large to be displayed on smaller devices.


Please send your questions or comments concerning the Bank's website by using the provided contact link.

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