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Reporting systems

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The Bundesbank carries out surveys relating to external sector statistics and banking statistics via the reporting system. It also assumes responsibility for collecting reports relating to banking supervision.

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General statistics reporting portal

Using the general statistics reporting portal, reporting parties can create external payment and stock reports and send them to the Bundesbank in a secure electronic format.


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The Bundesbank offers reporting parties a free e-mail service. Upon new information becoming available, this service immediately sends e-mails containing links to the latest results.


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The ExtraNet is the quick and easy way to submit your statistical and prudential reports. You have to register before you can submit reports for the first time. If you would like to use the ExtraNet, you can register for the individual specialised procedures.


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Data entry portals for the prudential reporting system  

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Reports on large exposures and loans of €1.5 million or more as well as reports pursuant to the Solvency Regulation, Liquidity Regulation, monthly returns and reports on the bank levy can be submitted via the data entry portals for the prudential reporting system.

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