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This is where the Deutsche Bundesbank features material on money and monetary policy that has been specially tailored to the needs of schoolchildren.The Bundesbank offers the book "Geld und Geldpolitik" ("Money and monetary policy") for the upper secondary school pupils (only available in German). The book is available free of charge to all schools.

School classes can also visit the Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank and attend talks on topics of their choice. For more information, please contact the Money Museum visitors' service. For teachers teaching economic topics, we offer seminars covering all aspects of money and currency – for the most part in cooperation with teacher training institutions in the individual federal states.

Money and monetary policy

in German only

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Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Visit our Money museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Browse the website for information on our wide range of events, tours and lectures for individual or group visits to our museum.