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BBS - Bund Bidding System

The Deutsche Bundesbank provides the members of the Bund Issues Auction Group with BBS (Bund Bidding System) an electronic primary market platform. BBS enables the issuer to auction Federal securities quickly, smoothly and securely.


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Collateralmanagement Access Portal

The CAP user interface enables monetary policy counterparties of the Deutsche Bundesbank to manage their collateral account. As well as viewing their collateral account and accessing messages in their ExtraNet mailbox, they can also take advantage of other collateral management functions.


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EBS Bidding System

The Bundesbank provides the members of the "EFSF and ESM Market Group" with the electronic auction platform EBS for conducting auctions of Bonds and Bills of the European Financial Stability Facility and the European Stability Mechanism.


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Credit claims - submission and administration

With KEV, the Deutsche Bundesbank offers the counterparties a modern and customer-friendly option for using credit claims as eligible collateral. Further information on the KEV procedure is available under the menu item customer information.



OpenMarket Tender Operation System

OMTOS is the electronic bidding system for the execution of the Eurosystem's open market operations, the foreign exchange Liquidity Providing Operations (LPO), the foreign exchange swaps (FX-Swaps) and the outright purchases.


Public Key Infrastructures (PKI)

At its Düsseldorf site, the Bundesbank operates a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This PKI uses a two-stage certification structure with self-signed root certificates.


Deposit receipts for creditors’ meetings

In accordance with the Act concerning the Joint Rights of Debt Securities Holders, the Deutsche Bundesbank is one of several possible depositories for debt securities issued prior to 5 August 2009 and is therefore responsible for issuing related deposit receipts to enable the holders to attend the corresponding creditors’ meeting. .



Since October 2007, the Deutsche Bundesbank (BBk) and Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt (CBF) have offered self-collateralisation to the German market as a service for the monetary policy counterparties of the Bundesbank and CBF customers.


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TARGET is the settlement system used by Eurosystem central banks for urgent, real-time transfers.