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The "Public finances" section contains data on financial developments in Germany’s government finances. It includes the key figures relevant to the European budgetary surveillance procedure, the "Maastricht deficit" and the "Maastricht debt level", along with explanatory notes on the relationship between these figures and how they are calculated. In addition, it contains time series on government revenue and expenditure developments both as measured in the national accounts and according to the definition for the government’s financial statistics, which is largely based on the reported budgetary figures. For the national accounts-based figures, the fiscal policy activities within the domestic borders are defined in two different ways, each of which can be useful for different analytical purposes. The first is the standard approach (ESA95) that is legally binding at EU level, and the second is a broader approach (the ESCB's government finance statistics) which includes the EU institutions’ fiscal policy activities at a national level in the government accounts. Finally, the section provides data on government debt as defined in the national government’s financial statistics.

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