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The monetary, financial and external statistics, as well as the comprehensive sets of indicators and seasonally adjusted economic data compiled by the Bundesbank under its legal mandate cover a broad spectrum of user-oriented, prepared economic data. This multi-layered information system forms the central empirical basis, in particular, for the monetary policy decision-making process, as well as macroeconomic and macroprudential analyses.

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Changes regarding time series databases

The URLs linking to the time series have changed due to the altered navigation structure within time series databases.

Discount interest rates

From now on, the Bundesbank will also publish the ten-year averages for discount interest rates pursuant to section 253 (2) of the German Commercial Code each month.


Statistics on Payments and Securities Trading, Clearing and Settlement

Since reference period 2014 new reporting positions and a geographical breakdown has been introduced. In addition the previous reporting population (monetary financial institutions (MFI)) was extended by payment institutions and covers all domestic payment service providers (PSPs) now. The current report is enlarged by new reporting positions and contains figures for the reference period 2014 as well as revised data for 2013.


System of indicators for the German residential property market

After a prolonged phase of stagnation, in 2010 the German property market experienced a turnaround which was characterised by a clear rise in prices at a time of low interest rates. In order to determine whether this development poses risks for financial stability or the economy as a whole, the Bundesbank has compiled a set of indicators to give a comprehensive overview of the situation on the property market.


Enhanced information for financial stability analysis and crisis prevention

Henceforth, Germany will provide enhanced information for financial stability analysis and crisis prevention in line with the new and most comprehensive IMF data standard, Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus. Nine countries across the world will introduce this new IMF statistical standard. Besides Germany, these are France, Italy, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. The implementation of SDDS Plus will make an important contribution to closing the data gaps that have come to light in the wake of the global financial crisis. Based on cooperation between the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Statistical Office, in an initial step, additional information on sectoral balance sheets, general government operations and holdings of debt securities – broken down by depositor and issuer sectors (debtor/creditor relationships) – will be published. Furthermore, data will be provided for the IMF surveys "Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey", "Coordinated Direct Investment Survey" and "Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves". At a later stage, further data will be published on general government gross debt and the claims and liabilities of other financial corporations as well as selected financial soundness indicators on a quarterly basis.


The Bundesbank cooperates with the Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt) at national level to perform its statistical tasks. Both parties recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding which places this longstanding and successful cooperation on a firm foundation.

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Additional information


Third IMF Statistical Forum  

Logo of the third IMF statistical forum

This high-level Statistical Forum provides a global platform to discuss cutting-edge statistical issues with data users, providers, and policymakers.


Basic Statistical Principles  

Public commitment on European statistics by the ESCB

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Release schedule  

Here you find the release dates for selected economic indicators. This page will be updated as soon as information is available.



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