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The monetary, financial and external statistics, as well as the comprehensive sets of indicators and seasonally adjusted economic data compiled by the Bundesbank under its legal mandate cover a broad spectrum of user-oriented, prepared economic data. This multi-layered information system forms the central empirical basis, in particular, for the monetary policy decision-making process, as well as macroeconomic and macroprudential analyses.

Domestic mutual funds

Detailed information about the German mutual fund industry will as from now be made available as time series in the newly designed ‘Domestic mutual funds’ section of Statistical Supplement 2 (Capital market statistics). There is also a short fact sheet on the mutual fund industry.


The publication “Außenhandel und Dienstleistungsverkehr der Bundesrepublik Deutschland mit dem Ausland” (Foreign trade and services transactions of the Federal Republic of Germany with non-residents) is re-released for the reporting period 2009 to 2012. It brings together data from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) and the Deutsche Bundesbank to form an integrated overview of cross-border trade in goods and services. (German only)

Open file 2013-12-18 | 689 KB, XLSX

New statistics service

You can now download statistical time series individually or in packages directly from a URL as a csv file. To access the Bundesbank’s time series directly, you can save these URLs as bookmarks or open them using your own developed application.

A more detailed description of this new function can be found in our online help section under "Download via URL".


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Macro-economic time series

Here you can view the Bundesbank's current statistical data as time series and download them as a CSV file.


Additional information


Basic Statistical Principles  

Public commitment on European statistics by the ESCB

Open file 2012-01-03 | 93 KB, PDF

Release schedule  

Here you find the release dates for selected economic indicators. This page will be updated as soon as information is available.



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