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Cash management

Euro banknotes

Cash management

Confidence in a currency is rooted in cash. In Germany, it is the Bundesbank’s task to provide an adequate supply of high-quality euro banknotes and coins at all times. The Bundesbank provides retailers and banks with cash, withdraws counterfeit money from circulation and replaces damaged coins and banknotes.


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Euro Cash Changeover in Lithuania

As from 1 January 2015 Lithuania will start using the euro as the single currency of the European Union. Information on the limited free of charge exchange of Lithuanian Litas at Deutsche Bundesbank branches are available here.


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International Cash Conference 2014

The Deutsche Bundesbank hosted the second International Cash Conference from 15 to 18 September 2014 in Dresden.


10 euro banknote, second serie

The new €10 banknote

On 13 January 2014, the new €10 banknote from the Europa series was unveiled to the public at the European Central Bank (ECB). It will be issued as of 23 September 2014 by the Eurosystem national central banks.


Geld mit Lupe

Questionnaire on euro banknote quality

The European Central Bank is interested in your opinion on the quality of euro banknotes. You can participate in the online questionnaire here.


Collector´s coin "600th anniversary of the Fahrenheit scale"©Vfs

€10 collector’s coin 2014 to mark the 600th anniversary of the Fahrenheit scale

From 6 November 2014, the German Federal government will issue a €10 collector’s coin on the theme of "€10 collector’s coin 2014 to mark the 600th anniversary of the Council of Constance".


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Since 1 January 2013, payment transactions must be carried out ​​electronically.


Exchanging DM for euro  

DM Bargeld

You can exchange unlimited amounts of DM banknotes and coins for euro indefinitely and free of charge at all Deutsche Bundesbank branches.