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Dr Felix Hammermann

Research Interests

  • Monetary macroeconomics

Refereed Publications

  • Gerberding, C., R. Gerke and F. Hammermann (2012), Price-level targeting when there is price-level drift, Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 34(3), 757-768.
  • Gerke, R., F. Hammermann and V. Lewis (2012), Robust Monetary Policy in a Model with Financial Distress, Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 34(2), 318-325.
  • Hammermann, F. and M. Flanagan (2009), What Explains Persistent Inflation Differentials Across Transition Economies?, Economics of Transition, Vol. 17(2), 297-328.
  • Afanasyeva, E., F. Hammermann and R. Schweickert (2007), From a Soviet Past to a European Future? Political and Economic Developments in Ukraine, International Journal of Economics, Vol. 1(2), 119-141.

Other Working Papers and Publications

  • Hammermann, F. (2008), Inflation Targeting and Monetary Integration under ERM 2: Modelling Third-Country Effects from Production Sharing, in: D. Stavárek and S. Polouček (eds.), Consequences of the European Monetary Integration on Financial Markets, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle.
  • Hammermann, F. (2005), Do Exchange Rates Matter in Inflation Targeting Regimes? Evidence from a VAR Analysis for Poland and Chile, in: R. J. Langhammer and L. Vinhas de Souza (eds.), Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Stabilization in Latin America, Springer, Berlin.


  • African Development Review
  • Comparative Economic Studies
  • Emerging Markets Finance and Trade
  • International Economics and Economic Policy
  • Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination
  • Journal of Institutional Economics
  • Journal of Macroeconomics
  • Journal of Money
  • Credit and Banking
  • Review of International Economics
  • Review of World Economics
  • Springer Verlag

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Dr Felix Hammermann

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