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Anne-Caroline Hüser

Research Interests

  • Financial Networks
  • Banking
  • Financial Stability and Systemic Risk
  • Macro Finance

Refereed Publications

  • Hüser, A.-C. (2015), Too Interconnected to Fail: A Survey of the Interbank Networks Literature, Journal of Network Theory in Finance, Vol.1(3), 1–50.

Other Working Papers and Publications

  • Hüser, A.-C. and C. Kok (2017), Mapping bank securities across euro area sectors: comparing funding and exposure networks, ECB mimeo.
  • Hüser, A.-C. and C. Kok (2017), Direct versus indirect contagion in interbank networks: An empirical comparison, ECB mimeo.
  • Grzegorz, H., A.-C. Hüser, C. Kok, C. Perales and A. van der Kraaij (2017), The systemic implications of bail-in: A multi-layered network analysis, ECB Working Paper Series No. 2010.
  • Halaj, G., A.-C. Hüser, C. Kok, C. Perales and A. van der Kraaij (2016), Systemic implications of the European bail-in tool: a multi-layered network analysis, ECB Financial Stability Review (May 2016 edition), Special Feature B, 120-129.
  • Hüser, A.-C. (2016), The Politics of Extreme Austerity: Greece in the Eurozone Crisis, edited by R. Gerodimos and G. Karyotis, 2015, Palgrave Macmillan, Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol.54(3).
  • Hüser, A.-C. (2015),’Europe’s Crisis, Europe’s Future’, edited by K. Dervis & J. Mistral, 2014, Brookings, Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol.53(6).
  • Hüser, A.-C. (2015), A Europe made of Money. The Emergence of the European Monetary System, by E. Mourlon-Druol, 2012, Cornell, Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol.53(3).
  • Hüser, A.-C. (2014), Bankers, Bureaucrats, and Central Bank Politics. The Myth of Neutrality, by C. Adolph, 2013, Cambridge University Press, International Journal of Constitutional Law, Vol.12(3), 835-840.


  • 2017: Spring Meeting of Young Economists, Halle (scheduled)
  • 2016: 9th meeting of the ESRB Joint ATC-ASC Expert Group on Interconnectedness, Frankfurt; Goethe University; Money and Macro Brown Bag Seminar, Frankfurt; Goethe University Finance Brown Bag Seminar, Frankfurt; 2nd IWH-FIN-FIRE Workshop on Challenges to Financial Stability, Halle; Financial Risk & Network Theory Conference, Judge Business School, Cambridge (UK); RiskLab/Bank of Finland/ESRB Conference on Systemic Risk Analytics, Helsinki; Czech National Bank Conference on Challenges for Financial Stability in Europe, Prague; 7th Bundesbank-CFS-ECB Workshop on Macro and Finance, Frankfurt
  • 2014: Bundesbank Workshop on Banking and Financial Markets, Eltville (discussion)

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Anne-Caroline Hüser

Anne-Caroline Hüser

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