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Dr Christian Schumacher

Research Interests

  • forecasting techniques
  • dynamic factor models with large data sets
  • state-space models, potential output and NAIRU measurement

Refereed Publications

  • Kaufmann, S., C. Schumacher (2018), Identifying relevant and irrelevant variables in sparse factor models, Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming.
  • Schumacher, C. (2016), A comparison of MIDAS and bridge equations, International Journal of Forecasting 32, 257-270.
  • Foroni, C., M. Marcellino and C. Schumacher (2015), U-MIDAS: MIDAS regressions with unrestricted lag polynomials, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society – Series A, Vol. 178, pp. 57-82.
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  • Schumacher, C. (2011), Forecasting with Factor Models Estimated on Large Datasets: A Review of the Recent Literature and Evidence for German GDP, Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, Vol. 231/1, pp. 28-49.
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  • Schumacher, C. (2010), Factor forecasting using international targeted predictors: The case of German GDP, Economics Letters, Vol. 107, pp. 95-98.
  • Schumacher, C. (2008), Measuring uncertainty of the euro area NAIRU: Monte Carlo and empirical evidence for alternative confidence intervals in a state space framework, Empirical Economics, Vol. 34, pp. 357-379.
  • Schumacher, C. and J. Breitung (2008), Real-time forecasting of German GDP based on a large factor model with monthly and quarterly data, International Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 24, pp. 368-398.
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  • Schumacher C. (2004), A comparison of mean square error approximations for a small estimated state space model, Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv, Journal of the German Statistical Society, Vol. 88, pp. 327-345.
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  • Schumacher, C. (2002), Forecasting trend output in the Euro area, Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 21, pp. 543-558.

Other Working Papers and Publications

  • Schumacher, C. (2014), Comments on "Short-term inflation projections: A Bayesian vector autoregressive approach", International Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 30(3), pp. 645-647.
  • Kaufmann, S. and C. Schumacher (2013), Bayesian estimation of sparse dynamic factor models with order-independent identification, Swiss National Bank, Study Center Gerzensee, Working Papers, 13.04.
  • Schumacher, C. and C. Dreger (2004), Money Demand in Europe: Evidence from Panel Cointegration Tests, in: S. G. Hall, U. Heilemann and P. Pauly (eds.), Macroeconometric Models and European Monetary Union, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin.
  • Schumacher C. (2002), Alternative Schätzansätze für das Produktionspotenzial im Euroraum, HWWA Studien, Vol. 71, Nomos, Baden-Baden.

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Dr Christian Schumacher

Dr Christian Schumacher

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