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Dr Karsten Webel

Research Interests

  • Index theory
  • Reconciliation methods
  • Seasonal adjustment
  • Stochastic processes

Refereed Publications

  • Webel, K. (2012), Chaos in German stock returns – New evidence from the 0-1 test, Economics Letters, Vol. 115(3), pp. 487-489.
  • Webel, K. (2012), A short note on the dependence structure of a stochastic process generated by the asymmetric cusp map, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, Vol. 41(2), pp. 357-362.

Other Working Papers and Publications

  • Webel, K. (2013), Time series-dependent selection of an appropriate seasonal adjustment approach, Proceedings of the 59th ISI World Statistics Congress, pp. 2962-2967.
  • Webel, K. (2013), Data-driven selection criteria for X-13ARIMA-SEATS seasonal adjustment algorithms, Proceedings of the 2013 Joint Statistical Meetings, Business and Economic Statistics Section, pp. 1972-1986.
  • Klier, D. O., M. K. Welge, K. R. Harrigan and K. Webel (2010), Diversify with Care – Even in Private Equity, Columbia Business School, Working Paper March 11.


  • Webel, K. and D. Wied (2016), Stochastische Prozesse – Eine Einführung für Statistiker und Datenwissenschaftler, 2. Auflage, Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden.
  • Webel, K. and D. Wied (2011), Stochastische Prozesse – Verständliche Einführung für Statistiker und Datenwissenschaftler, Gabler, Wiesbaden.
  • Webel, K. (2009), Intermittierendes deterministisches Chaos als mögliche Erklärung für ein langes Gedächtnis in Finanzmarktdaten, Gabler, Wiesbaden.


  • 2017: New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics, Brussels; 61st ISI World Statistics Congress, Marrakech; Statistical Week, Rostock
  • 2013: 7th International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics, London; 59th ISI World Statistics Congress, Hong Kong; Joint Statistical Meetings, Montréal.
  • 2012: Statistical Week, Vienna.
  • 2010: Statistical Week, Nuremberg; DAGStat, Dortmund.


  • Economics Letters; International Review of Economics and Finance.

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Karsten Webel

Dr Karsten Webel

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