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The usage, costs and benefits of cash – revisited

International Cash Conference 2014


Cash symposium 2012  © Jens Braune del Angel, Frankfurt am Main

Cash symposium 2012  © Jens Braune del Angel, Frankfurt am Main

The Deutsche Bundesbank hosted the second Cash Conference entitled "The usage, costs and benefits of cash – revisited" from 15 to 18 September 2014. The objective of this conference was twofold. Firstly, with a view to the increasing demand for cash linked to a decline in cash payments for some years now, it is important to understand the economics driving past, current and future developments and to take a forward-looking perspective on factors that are likely to affect payment developments in general and cash payments specifically. Secondly, we revisited the subjects discussed at the first Bundesbank Cash Conference in 2012. Renowned researchers and Central bank experts with interesting views on all matters related to cash participated and we enjoyed three days of lively in-depth discussions on highly topical and relevant cash issues.

The Banco de España was present as our guest of honour at this conference.

The conference language was English, all papers and publications are available in English only.

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Cover of the Conference Volume: Euro banknotes in a cash drawer

The conference volume "The usage, costs and benefits of cash" contains the majority of the presentations held at the conference and other photographically impressions of the conference.

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