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The Deutsche Bundesbank collects monetary, financial and external sector statistical data. Aggregated data, which are relevant for macroeconomic analyses, can be requested from the unit responsible for the data production in part if they are not already published in the macroeconomic time series database.

In addition, as one of the largest producers of data in Germany, the Bundesbank offers access to its high quality micro-level data for research purposes. Since the access to microdata is subject to legal and data protection requirements, Bundesbank set up the RDSC which provides researchers and analysts with access to selected micro-level data in the context of independent scientific research projects.

The RDSC provides the following services:

  • It is responsible for the methodological improvement, physical provision and comprehensive documentation of high-quality microdata sets.
  • The RDSC advises researchers on data selection, data access, data contents and analytical options. Filing the data is done in accordance with the recommendations of the DFG (German Research Funding Organisation).
  • Furthermore the RDSC satisfies data protection requirements. It reviews incoming requests for access to micro-level data according to legal requirements and makes sure that only anonymised results leave the secure environment of the visiting researcher workplace in the RDSC.

The RDSC grants access to most of the data during research visits or in the form of scientific use files. Visiting researchers are responsible for creating their own analysis programs.

The RDSC offers a newsletter about updates on recent and relevant developments in the RDSC. The range of topics includes:

  • Available micro data and data updates
  • Data documentations
  • Data access modes
  • Events, workshops and conferences

Please find the link to the newsletter subscription below on this site.

The RDSC is accredited by the German Council for Social and Economic Data (RatSWD).

In July 2016, the RatSWD has established a complaints office. There, you have the possibility to address to the RatSWD unresolved problems concerning the usage of data provided by the RDSC, in case it was impossible to resolve those with the contact persons in the RDSC bilaterally. The corresponding contact form as well as details about the procedure can be found on the website of the RatSWD (see below; only available in German).

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