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Research Seminars

The Research Centre organises a range of events for Bundesbank researchers.

There is usually one research seminar held each week. So far in 2018, the following seminars have taken place:

  • A New Way to Quantify the Effect of Uncertainty
    Alexander W. Richter (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
  • Heterogeneity and Aggregate Fluctuations
    Frank Schorfheide (University of Pennsylvania)
    Deutsche Bundesbank-SAFE–Goethe University Joint Seminar
  • Why Banking and Sovereign Risk Co-move: the Role of Strategic Complementarities
    Lucia Esposito (Bank of Italy)
  • Trade Flows and Exchange Rates
    Michael Devereux (Vancouver School of Economics)
  • Uncertainty and Economic Activity: A Multi-Country Perspective
    Hashem Pesaran (USC Cambridge)
  • Bailouts, Bail-ins and Banking Crises
    Todd Keister (Rutgers University)
  • Intergenerational Risk Sharing in Life Insurance
    Johan Hombert (HEC Paris)
  • Currency Manipulation
    Tarek Hassan (University of Chicago, NBER, and CEPR)
  • The Missing Link: Labor Share and Monetary Policy
    Cristiano Cantore (School of Economics and CIMS, University of Surrey)
  • Estimating Latent Asset-Pricing Factors
    Martin Lettau (Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley)
    Deutsche Bundesbank-SAFE-Goethe University Joint Seminar
  • Bank Concentration and Product Market Competition
    Farzad Saidi (Stockholm School of Economics & CEPR)
  • Financial Cycles with Heterogeneous Intermediaries
    Helene Rey (LBS)
    Deutsche Bundesbank-SAFE-Goethe University Joint Seminar
  • Financial literacy and economic preferences – An intervention study in schools
    Matthias Sutter (MPI Bonn and University of Cologne)
  • The Liquidity-Augmented Model of Macroeconomic Aggregates
    Lucas Herrenbrück (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver)
  • He whose bank dares: bank equity and small-firm risk taking
    Alexander Stomper (Humboldt Universität)
  • Macro and Micro Level Impulse Responses: A Survey Experimental Identification Procedure
    Samad Sarferaz (ETH Zürich)
  • Economic Predictions with Big Data: The Illusion of Sparsity
    Giorgio E. Primiceri (Northwestern University)
    Deutsche Bundesbank-SAFE-Goethe University Joint Seminar
  • Business Models and Dollar Funding of Global Banks
    Iñaki Aldasoro (BIS)
  • Multiple Equilibria in Open Economy Models with Collateral Constraints: Overborrowing Revisited
    Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé (Columbia University)
    Deutsche Bundesbank-SAFE-Goethe University Joint Seminar

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