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Central Office of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The main purpose of research conducted by the Bundesbank is to develop and consolidate academic expertise in the fields of economics, banking and financial stability. It supports the Bundesbank's decision-making process and is a factor behind the central bank's excellent reputation in academic circles and at other policymaking institutions.

Research Areas

The main areas of research in which Bundesbank economists are active at this juncture can be broadly defined as:

  • Monetary Policy in a Low Inflation and Low Interest Rate Environment
  • Heterogeneity in the Euro Area and Beyond
  • Financial Stability
  • Financial Intermediation

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Research Programme

Executive summary of the research efforts that are planned or currently under way at the Bundesbank.

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Call for Papers: 5th SAFE Asset Pricing Workshop
Submission deadline: 01.06.2018

Call for Papers: Financial Cycles and Regulation
Submission deadline: 30.06.2018

Call for Papers: Scaling up Green Finance: The Role of Central Banks
Submission deadline: 09.09.2018

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