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Bilateral projects

The individual bilateral projects include specialist seminars both in Germany and abroad, executive trainings in Germany, on-site advisory services at partner central banks and video conferences.

Foreign central banks can approach the Bundesbank with their specific needs. Using the form “Request for Technical Central Bank Cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesbank”, they are asked to describe in as much detail as possible the activity in which they are interested and send this to the Centre for Technical Central Bank Cooperation by e-mail. Please note that requests can only be considered if the unit responsible for international cooperation at the foreign central bank has been consulted.

All of the bilateral activities are tailored to the interests and problems of the partner central banks requesting them. Approaches to addressing these issues are drawn up jointly with the Bundesbank’s experts in the form of lectures, presentations, video conferences and workshops. The individual bilateral projects are “customised training activities”, which are geared especially to the specialist problem areas of the foreign central bank staff.

Specialist seminars and executive trainings generally last three days (Tuesday to Thursday) whether held in Germany or abroad, with Monday and Friday reserved for arrival and departure. The activities are held in English or German; if the activities are to be held in another language, the foreign central bank is expected to provide an interpreter.

Attendance is mandatory for the duration of the seminar. A project manager will be on hand at the specialist seminars and executive trainings in Germany to answer all relevant organisational questions. The relevant partner central bank is responsible for organising the on-site specialist seminars.

The partner central bank will bear the participants’ travel costs for training activities held in Germany.

Apart from conducting the training activities at the Bundesbank's Central Office in Frankfurt am Main or at other Bundesbank locations in Germany, the Bundesbank bears the costs of accommodation, transport within Germany, a large share of the costs of meals as well as medical insurance which covers emergencies.

The on-site project advisory sessions at partner central banks generally last one to two weeks. In exceptional cases, these advisory sessions may be repeated or last longer. The advisory sessions are organised on a project-related basis only. The focus always remains with the foreign central bank.

Video conferences are held to resolve specific issues that can be covered in two to three hours. They save time and money.