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The Technical Central Bank Cooperation's topics cover the full range of economic, operational and legal instruments used in modern central banking.

These include:

  • Banking system and banking supervision
  • Cash management
  • Controlling
  • Foreign exchange dealings and investments
  • Financial markets and capital markets
  • Monetary and foreign exchange policy
  • Combating money laundering
  • Information technology
  • Public relations
  • Human resources management
  • Accounting
  • Legal issues
  • Internal audit
  • Debt management of public authorities
  • Statistics
  • Administrative issues
  • Economic research
  • Payment transactions
  • Central bank legislation

The advisers of the Centre for Technical Central Bank Cooperation cover a large part of this range of topics. They manage and coordinate the technical central bank cooperation activities on the content side, thereby ensuring the high quality of the Bundesbank's advisory services. Depending on the subjects requested, they either conduct the activities themselves or they draw upon the expertise of the entire Bundesbank staff, ie both from Central Office in Frankfurt am Main and from the Regional Offices and the Bundesbank’s University in Hachenburg/Westerwald.

Close collaboration within the bank in the area of technical central bank cooperation allows the Bundesbank to provide its collective expertise and know how to the partner central banks, providing optimal means for satisfying their training and advisory requirements.

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Technical Central Bank Cooperation

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