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Below are the press dates of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Questions about individual releases or events, please contact the press office of the Deutsche Bundesbank, phone +49 69 9566-3511.

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CfS Special Lecture Speech held by Dr Andreas Dombret, title: "Das richtige Maß – Konsolidierung im Bankensektor"

Participation after registration. The speech will be distributed in advance with an embargo.

Contact: Center for Financial Studies, Sabine Kimmel,
tel.: +49 69 798 30066, email:

2. Hessischer Bankentag Panel discussion with Carl-Ludwig Thiele, title: "Digitales Geld – Gefahr oder Chance ?"

Participation after registration.

Contact: Bankenverband Hessen e.V., Sabine Biek,
tel. +49 69 28 43 92, email:

ECB Governing Council meeting with press conference

Informal Ecofin Participation by Dr. Jens Weidmann