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Data basket

There is a download service for data from the areas "Macroeconomic time series", "ESCB indicators" and "Real-time data". The data baskets for these areas can be found on this page.

The datasets can be downloaded in CSV and Excel format. A download guide including information on the file format and selection of time series and indicators can be found under "Help".

Macro-economic time series Real-time data ESCB statistics
Options for macro-economic time series
Option Value
Timespan (format yyyy or yyyy-mm) from to
File format CSV SDMX-ML
CSV format (usable e.g. with Excel) German English
DM, Euro, DM/Euro series Complete series based on Euro
In the context of national analyses, the irrevocably fixed exchange rate is often also presupposed for the past in order to avoid breaks in time series. However, this procedure is problematic if historical data of different countries are converted into euro and then aggregated or compared among themselves. It is thereby incorrectly assumed that the exchange rates between the national currencies were already fixed in the past. This may result in a distorted representation of the interactions between real and monetary processes within and among the economies.
Complete series as it is
Dateformat Default Daybased dateformat
Selected time series in data basket
Nr Time series Description