Interpretation of the indicator key BBFB1.M.N.DE.W1.S1.S1.T.B.CA._Z._Z._Z._T._X.N

Nr Description Key Comment
1 Frequency (BBk) M Monthly
2 Adjustment (BBk) N Unadjusted figure
3 Country DE Germany
4 Counterpart area W1 Rest of the World
5 Resident sector of the compiling economy S1 Total economy
6 Counterpart sector S1 Total economy
7 Transaction flow, position (stock), or a change in position not due to transactions T Transactions
8 Accounting entry (asset, liability, net) B Balance (Credits minus Debits)
9 International account item CA Current account
10 Functional category _Z Not applicable
11 Type of financial instrument _Z Not applicable
12 Original maturity _Z Not applicable
13 Area (ISO currency codes, list of currencies) _T All currencies of denomination (according to BPM6)
14 Method of valuation _X Not allocated/unspecified (including all kinds of valuation methods)
15 Compilation Methodology N Compilation methodology applied for national statistics