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Balance of payments

The balance of payments records all economic transactions between residents and non-residents within a given time period and thus shows a country’s complex external trade links with the rest of the world.

Current data

Components of the current account [+] Components of the financial account [+]

Germany’s balance of payments vis-à-vis the United States

In addition to the balance of payments statistics vis-à-vis the rest of the world, it is also possible to provide data for individual countries. The following charts show how the current and financial account balances, including the contributions made by each component, have evolved vis-à-vis the United States since 2005 (annual data).

Components of the current account USA [+] Components of the financial account USA [+]

The tables contain data on the components of the sub-accounts making up the current and financial accounts.

Additional information

Note: Revisions to Statistical Supplement 3 „Balance of Payments statistics“, July 2018

In the balance of payments statistics revisions occurred for travel expenditures for the year 2017. Furthermore, slight revisions were made for the services for the years 2014 till 2017 due to technical reasons.


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