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Dr Barbara Meller

Research Interests

  • Financial stability
  • Macroprudential policy
  • Time series and panel data econometrics
  • Network analysis

Refereed Publications

  • Meller, B. (2013), The Two-Sided Effect of Financial Globalization on Output Volatility, Review of World Economics, Vol. 149(3), pp. 477-504.
  • Meller, B. und Nautz, D. (2012), Inflation persistence in the Euro area before and after the European Monetary Union, Economic Modelling, Vol. 29(4), 1170-1176.


  • 2009: CEUS Workshop "10 Years of European Monetary Union'', Vallendar/Koblenz; June 2009, Infinity Conference "International Finance'', Dublin, Ireland; June 2009, Brown Bag Seminar Economics, Frankfurt/Main; 2009, 15th International Conference "Computing in Economics and Finance'', Sydney, Australia; 2009, European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Barcelona, Spain; Sep. 2009, Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik, Magdeburg 
  • 2008: External Seminar Series Tjalling C. Koopmans Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands; DIW Macroeconometric Workshop, Berlin

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Barbara Meller

Dr Barbara Meller

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