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You can download the complete set of macroeconomic time series from the Bundesbank's website as a ZIP file. This ZIP file contains all macroeconomic time series in the "BBKCompactData" format as well as the hierarchical time series overview and the time series lists that the overview refers to. The ZIP file is updated every night.

You can also download a list of all time series updated within a certain period. You can choose from six predefined time periods (yesterday, currentWeek, lastWeek, currentMonth, lastMonth, currentYear).

Given the function for downloading individual time series by calling up a URL, you can therefore arrange for your time series portfolio to be updated automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

The majority of the time series, all those that do not start with BBK01, are classified according to SDMX and have an SDMX DSD (data structure definition). These data structure definitions can also be downloaded.

Complete set of macroeconomic time series

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