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Download – bank sort codes

Deletion of bank sort codes

To establish which bank sort codes were deleted, please refer to the lists below on "bank sort code deletions on (validity date)"; the lists state all bank sort codes that were deleted during this update and the preceding one – indicating the corresponding successor bank sort code, where applicable.

This information can also be obtained directly from the bank sort code file (field 11 "Modification code" = "D" in conjunction with field 2 "Specification whether the institution is the bank sort code-carrying payment service provider ("1") or not ("2")" = "1" or field 13 "Indicator of successor bank sort code").

Note: a bank sort code may only be deleted if field 2 of the data record denoted with the "Modification code" = "D" contains the number "1". The deletion of a data record with the number "2" in field 2 means that only the data record and not the bank sort code itself has been deleted.

Information regarding the intended deletion of bank sort codes can be obtained from field 12 "Indicator of intended deletion of a bank sort code" and field 13 "Indicator of successor bank sort code".

Download of the bank sort code files

Below you will find bank sort code files for download in ASCII format as PC Text, PC Excel and Lotus Notes. The files are all available in the two latest versions. The current files are valid from 4 June 2018 (and may not be used in payments prior to this date). The files for the next update on 3 September 2018 are scheduled to be made available in August 2018.

We offer an e-mail service to inform users about new bank sort code files and to provide other information on bank sort codes which is of great importance for the smooth settlement of payment transactions. Please sign up for this service if you are interested.

Additional information

Please note

The official bank sort code update service for payment service providers is available via secure download from the Deutsche Bundesbank’s ExtraNet. Additionally, the Bundesbank posts the bank sort code file in a non-binding manner on the internet. When using the bank sort code file, please observe the points contained in the disclaimer.