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Frontiers in Central Banking – Past, Present and Future

Policy Symposium

14.06.2017 10:00 - 17:30
Hilton Frankfurt City Centre
Hochstrasse  4
60313 Frankfurt am Main

Central banks around the world took centre stage in tackling the global financial crisis and continue to play an important role in supporting economic recovery worldwide. At the same time, developments in the international financial system, new technologies and secular trends are posing new challenges for the global economy and, as a result, for central banks as well. Against this backdrop, the Bundesbank will host a policy symposium focusing on the benefits and boundaries of non-standard monetary policy, the political economy aspects of the interactions between central banks and governments, and the impact of new financial technologies on the future of central banking.

The policy symposium followed a high-level academic conference on the same topics.

Welcome address
10.00 – 10.30
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Jens Weidmann © Manjit Jari Dr Jens Weidmann,
President of the Deutsche Bundesbank

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• Speech

Policy Panel 1: "Benefits and boundaries of unconventional monetary policy"
10.30 – 12.00
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Volker Wieland

Volker Wieland, Goethe University Frankfurt

Curriculum Vitae

Masaaki Shirakawa
Masaaki Shirakawa,
Aoyama Gakuin University, Governor of the Bank of Japan from 2008-2013

Curriculum Vitae

Jean-Claude Trichet
Jean-Claude Trichet,
Bruegel, President of the European Central Bank from 2003-2011

Curriculum Vitae

Axel A Weber
Axel A Weber,
President of the Deutsche Bundesbank from 2004–2011

Curriculum Vitae

Policy Panel 2: "Who is willing to act? Passing on the hot potato of policy intervention"
13.30 – 15.00
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Barry Eichengreen Moderator:
Barry Eichengreen, Berkeley University

Curriculum Vitae

Jaime Caruana © Bank for International Settlements

Jaime Caruana,
Bank for International Settlements

Curriculum Vitae

Christine Lagarde © International Monetary Fund
Christine Lagarde,
International Monetary Fund

Curriculum Vitae

Mario Monti
Mario Monti,
Bocconi University

Curriculum Vitae

Policy Panel 3: "How do new technologies shape the future of central banking?"
15.30 – 17.00
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Stephen G Cecchetti Moderator:
Stephen Cecchetti, Brandeis International Business School

Curriculum Vitae

Claudia Buch © Alexandra Lechner Claudia M Buch,
Deutsche Bundesbank

Curriculum Vitae

Blythe Masters Blythe Masters,
Digital Asset Holdings

Curriculum Vitae

Ravi Menon Ravi Menon,
Monetary Authority of Singapore

Curriculum Vitae

Cecilia Skingsley Cecilia Skingsley,
Sveriges Riksbank

Curriculum Vitae

Concluding remarks
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Otmar Issing Otmar Issing,
Center for Financial Studies

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