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2019 Financial Stability Review: Germany’s financial system remains vulnerable


Risks to the stability of Germany’s financial system have continued to build over the course of 2019. “An unexpected economic downturn and abrupt rise in risk premia could hit Germany’s financial system hard,” explained Bundesbank Vice-President Claudia Buch at the press conference on the Financial Stability Review. 

2019 Financial Stability Review: Germany’s financial system remains vulnerable
Digital financial services must not be allowed to evade supervision


Bundesbank Executive Board member Joachim Wuermeling sees digital financial and money functions pursued by initiatives ranging from clouds to Libra as a major challenge facing European banking supervisors. At an event in Frankfurt, Wuermeling stated that “if risk-relevant links in the financial value chain evade supervision, for credit institutions, it’s a matter of a level playing field, but for us as supervisors it’s a question of financial stability.”

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Joachim Wuermeling
Marginal growth in German economy


The German economy saw only marginal growth in the third quarter of 2019. According to the Bundesbank’s latest Monthly Report, this persistently weak growth – gross domestic product (GDP) was up by 0.1% on the preceding quarter – was due to the ongoing sluggishness in the export-oriented industrial sector.

Marginal growth in German economy
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The sustainable finance market – an overview


The European sustainable finance market is currently undergoing dynamic growth. Bundesbank experts believe that new transparency requirements, more information and clear definitions would give the market an additional boost and provide clarity for investors.

The sustainable finance market – an overview
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Euro reference rate of the ECB to the US dollar
Interest rates
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