Benedikt Ruprecht

Research Interests

  • Empirical banking and financial intermediation
  • Banking structure, regulation, and bank risk-taking

Refereed Publications

  • Entrop, O., C. Memmel, B. Ruprecht and M. Wilkens (2015), Determinants of bank interest margins: Impact of maturity transformation, Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 54, pp 1-19.

Other Working Papers and Publications

  • Kick, T., E. Onali, B. Ruprecht and K. Schaeck (2014), Wealth shocks, credit-supply shocks, and asset allocation: evidence from household and firm portfolios. ECB Working Paper No 1662


  • 2015: WEAI/IBEFA Summer Meeting, Honolulu; DGF Meeting, Leipzig
  • 2014: Midwest Finance Association, Orlando; Goethe/SAFE Research Workshop on Financial Intermediation, Frankfurt; Swiss Society for Financial Market Research (SGF), Zürich; IWQW Research Seminar, Nürnberg; WEAI/IBEFA Summer Meeting, Denver; NUS RMI Risk Management Conference, Singapore
  • 2013: Marie Curie ITN Conference, Konstanz; Econometric Society European Meeting, Gothenburg; Verein für Socialpolitik, Düsseldorf; FMA, Chicago; Deutsche Bundesbank-ECB-CFS Workshop, Frankfurt
  • 2012: IFABS, Valencia; EEA, Málaga; German Finance Association (DGF) Meeting, Hannover
  • 2011: Annual Conference of the Graduate Programme "Global Financial Markets", Jena; Workshop "Banks and Capital Markets", Augsburg; Symposium on Finance, Banking, and Insurance, Karlsruhe


  • "Outstanding Paper Award in Financial Institutions and Regulation" 2014 der Midwest Finance Association