Paintings and works on paper

Blick in die 13. Etage der Bundesbank-Zentrale in Frankfurt am Main

The Bundesbank’s art collection, having grown over a number of decades at many points across Germany, is presented at various locations. The wide range of artistic focuses at these locations have contributed to the variety of the collection, allowing visitors to make exciting discoveries throughout the bank.

At the Bank’s Central Office in Frankfurt am Main, for instance, the viewer will come across works by big names in representative and abstract painting such as Georg Baselitz, Günter Fruhtrunk, Rupprecht Geiger, K.O. Götz, Karl Hofer, Jörg Immendorff, Ernst Wilhelm Nay and Emil Schumacher. In Hamburg there is a selection of paintings by Eduard Bargheer. The Bundesbank’s offices in eastern Germany, on the other hand, tend to have more works by artists from the eastern federal states.

Cornelia Schleime, Woman with dog, 1994/95

Cornelia Schleime, Woman with dog, 1994/95, acrylic, asphalt coat and shellac on canvas, 145 x 125 cm
Cornelia Schleime, Woman with dog, 1994/95, acrylic, asphalt coat and shellac on canvas, 145 x 125 cm

A young woman with her dog looks out, keenly and slightly provocatively, from the sketched frame of a locket. Clearly based on a photograph, the portrait appears artificial and as from another age, mainly as a result of the distortion of colours. Cornelia Schleime has used various techniques to create a noticeably antique-like surface structure. She has applied shellac dissolved in methylated spirits and roughened the coloured surface using coffee grounds or sand. The background of the painting has been treated with asphalt lacquer to give the canvas a torn and scabby appearance.

Time and again Cornelia Schleime’s work has focused on images of people – in particular, of women. She plays ironically with established clichés and platitudes: there are good little girls with long braids or erotically charged faces of young women in religious habits. “Frau mit Hund” [Woman with dog], however, radiates elegance and self-confidence. She is not selling herself but instead is securely in control of her self-representation.