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Numismatic library

The numismatic library, which is universal in its chronological and geographical scope, is open to all interested parties. Its collection contains works from as long ago as the 16th century and comprises approximately 15,000 volumes. At present, it also stocks 27 national and international specialist journals on permanent subscription. A comprehensive collection of excerpts from periodicals and anthologies, pamphlets, newspaper clippings and leaflets provides additional specialist information, added to which are the catalogues of more than 100 auction houses in Germany and other countries going back to the late 19th century; major collections sold at auction are recorded in a separate conventional catalogue. The archive of the collector and researcher, Dr Arnold Keller, which was compiled over a period of many decades, serve as an additional source of information on the history of paper money

The focus is on works about

  • Coins (worldwide, from the antiquity to the present day)
  • Paper money (worldwide)
  • Monetary, economic, commercial and financial history (antiquity to early modern times, continued in the specialist library of the Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Monetary theory

The library has an alphabetical and systematic catalogue for literature published before 1999. The online catalogue features literature published since 1999 and, thanks to advanced archiving measures, has already catalogued a major part of the older items as well as the contents of periodicals. If an online search is unsuccessful, it is always advisable to ask about the publication in question by phone or in writing.