Duchy of Pomerania, 2 ducats, 1654 Ernst Bogislaw, Duke of Croÿ Statthalter (Governor) of Brandenburg, 1637-1684 and Christina of Sweden, 1632-1654

Duchy of Pomerania, 2 ducats, 1654 ©Bundesbank
Coin commemorating the burial of Duke Bogislaw XIV, who died without issue in his castle in Szczecin on 10 March 1637. This brought an end to the House of Griffins, a dynasty of dukes ruling Pomerania. It also meant the loss of independence for the state of Pomerania, which was partitioned between Brandenburg and Sweden under the terms of the 1648 Peace of Westphalia. The long-standing dispute over inheritance resulted in the last Duke of Pomerania’s coffin being left unburied for 17 years as neither side wanted to take on the costs without being certain of the inheritance. It was not until 1653 that Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, and the Swedish government installed in West Pomerania began negotiations on the interment of the last Duke of Pomerania. The initially scheduled date of 15 December 1653 had to be postponed, however, on account of the plague that was ravaging the country. Finally, on 25 May 1654, the last Duke of the House of Griffins was solemnly laid to rest in Szczecin. According to historical records, 25 coins of the type displayed above were minted to commemorate the entombment of the Duke.

The Latin inscription on the obverse gives the names and titles of Duke Bogislaw XIV, along with his dates of birth and death.The motto on the reverse translates as "I hope for (eternal) life".

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