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Visiting Researchers

Visiting Researchers at the Research Centre of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Submission end 31.12.2019

As one of the world's largest central banks, the Deutsche Bundesbank works in the public interest. Our business areas are monetary policy, banking supervision, financial stability, cash management and payment systems.

We are looking for Visiting Researchers.

The Research Centre is the connecting link between academic expertise and the Bundesbank's policy work.

For academics and postdoctoral students specializing in economics and finance, Bundesbank's Research Centre is offering visiting researchers the opportunity to pursue research projects at the Bundesbank's Research Centre.

A period of research at the Bundesbank can last between three and twelve months. Remuneration is in line with the visiting researchers’ professional experience.

The period of study is designed to provide scope for work on a project in

  • Monetary Macroeconomics,

  • Microeconomics,

  • Empirical Banking,

  • Asset Pricing and Financial Stability.

Please send the usual supporting documentation, recent research publications, references and a project proposal to

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