Historical interest rates

With the entry into force of the Act on the Amendment of Provisions concerning the Evaluation of Insurance Enterprises' Capital Investment and the Repeal of the Discount Rate Transition Act (Gesetz zur Änderung von Vorschriften über die Bewertung der Kapitalanlagen von Versicherungsunternehmen und zur Aufhebung des Diskont-Überleitungsgesetz) on 4 April 2002 (published in the Federal Law Gazette on 3 April 2002), the Discount Transition Act, the Regulation Governing the Use of the Basic Rate of Interest as a Reference Variable, the FIBOR Transition Regulation and Lombard Rate Transition Regulation were repealed.

These historical interest rates can be found in the Time series datadase:

  • Discount rate - Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Lombard rate - Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Basic rate of interest in accordance with the Discount Rate Transition Act (DÜG)