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Application deadline

23 September 2022


In 2009, the finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 set up the Data Gaps Initiative (DGI) in response to the data gaps that came to light in the wake of the global financial and economic crisis in 2008. One key recommendation aims at improving access to data (and data sharing), particularly with regard to granular data.

Better accessibility and sharing of granular data and/ or micro data would open up new possibilities for analysis by providing new insights into the effects of policies. Granular data are necessary to understand global developments and, in particular, differences across countries. One key issue is to harmonise und combine data within, but also across, central banks. The greater disaggregation of data implies an increased need for data protection. The overriding principle when working with micro data is compliance with the respective statutory secrecy and data protection requirements, and thus maintaining the confidentiality of the information submitted by the reporting agents.

The objective of this course is to introduce participants to data sharing and data access and how this can be organised at a central bank. To gain an impression of the detailed course content, last year’s agenda can be found on the Bundesbank’s website, although it may be subject to modifications and amendments.


  • Definition of granular data/micro data and how they are necessary for central banks
  • Organising micro data at a central bank: the value chain of micro data
  • Data quality
  • Describing the data: meta data (DDI)
    • Harmonisation
    • Tools for analysing the data
  • Providing access to data in compliance with data protection requirements: the work of a research data centre (RDC)
  • Harmonising micro data across central banks

Target group

This course is aimed at economists and statisticians who work in the area of micro data or intend to start working with micro data or want to open their micro data to external researchers. There are no prerequisites for participation except for a basic academic knowledge of statistics and economics. After completing this course, participants are allowed to attend the Big Data at central banks expert panel.

Technical requirements

Computer with microphone, camera, speakers or headphones; an up-to-date internet browser.

Online application

Please apply online by clicking on the registration button within the application period. 

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