Jesús Rafael Soto, Installation in the Entrance Hall of the Bundesbank's Central Office, 1972, metal and wood

Art collection

The Deutsche Bundesbank has been collecting art since it was established in 1957. As a public institution, the Bank does so not just out of a sense of cultural responsibility but also because of the value it places on integrating art into the everyday working environment. This allows staff and visitors with an interest in art to encounter, experience and reflect on artworks of the recent past and present on a daily basis.

Focused primarily on paintings, works on paper and sculptures from German-speaking countries, the Bundesbank’s collection today comprises several thousand oeuvres which are on display at the Central Office in Frankfurt am Main as well as at the nine Regional Offices and their associated branches. In its entirety, the collection offers an insight into different artistic developments in the 20th and 21st centuries. Works by young artists, such as those showcased in the series of exhibitions "Perspektiven der Gegenwart" [Contemporary Perspectives], round off the collection and draw in fresh inspiration.