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Coin and banknote collection

Several coins from the numismatic collection

With over 90,000 coins and around 260,000 banknotes from all over the world, the Bundesbank’s carefully selected numismatic collection is one of the most important of its kind worldwide.

Gold. Treasures at the Deutsche Bundesbank

Until 30 September 2018, the Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank will be hosting a special exhibition entitled “Gold. Treasures at the Deutsche Bundesbank

Bundesbank unveils book on Germany’s gold

The Bundesbank has unveiled a new book which takes a closer look at Germany’s gold reserves. Highly informative and richly illustrated, Das Gold der Deutschen (Germany's Gold) is published by Hirmer-Verlag and is available from bookshops or the Bank’s Money Museum. An English translation will be published shortly.

New book: Zeitzeugen

Zeitzeugen (Living Witnesses) is an entertaining book that transports the reader back to various eras of numismatic history and boasts captivating images of historical coins. Over the course of thirty richly illustrated chapters, Zeitzeugen recounts episodes from various points in two-and-a-half thousand years of historical coinage.

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