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How can counterfeit money be spotted? What designs can be found on euro banknotes? What does the Bundesbank have to do with the purchasing power of the euro? Who are the people who work at the Bundesbank? Answers to these and further questions can be found in the interactive exhibition in our roadshow truck. Fifteen exhibits – from a virtual quiz race to the Discovery Wall on the topic of counterfeit cash to the historical gold coins – invite visitors to have fun discovering the world of the euro and the Bundesbank. Our guides are also looking forward to talking to you in person.

Anything but monotonous: our interactive exhibition on the euro and the Bundesbank

When you enter our interactive exhibition, you’ll see red. And blue and green and yellow. Each of our topic areas is colour-coded to allow you to easily orient yourself in the exhibition.

  • In the blue area, we introduce ourselves as an institution and employer. What role do we play in the Eurosystem, and what are our most important tasks? What does all that have to do with you?
  • The golden yellow area covers money in the narrower sense. How can you spot counterfeit money? What do current euro banknotes and coins look like? What forms of payment transactions are there?
  • The green area is home to the topics of price stability and the monetary policy instruments deployed by the Eurosystem and the Bundesbank. 
  • The red area gives a clear overview of banking supervision and financial stability.

The exhibits in these areas – which offer an interactive explanation of the topics – are anything but monotonous. Take a look at the following selection:

  • Test your knowledge in our virtual Bundesbank Cash Dash: use the joystick to drive a cash transport as fast as possible through an animated world to reach a bank in desperate need of cash! You’ll need skill and smarts to get there, as you’ll run into obstacles on the road that you’ll get past faster by correctly answering questions.
  • Real banknote or forgery? You can find out using our Discovery Wall – but you’ll need to get hands-on and take a very close look.
  • What does the European Central Bank’s policy rate have to do with the prices that you pay at the supermarket? The Transmission Mechanism Sliders and other interactive exhibits in the green exhibition zone will help you understand.
  • How much is a euro banknote worth? You’ll find the answer in the Value of Money display case.
  • Who works at the Bundesbank and what values are important to them? You can find out using the displays in the blue exhibition zone.
  • You’ve visited the most important exhibits and paid attention? Then you’ll definitely be able to answer our competition question in the roadshow truck. There are €10 collector coins to be won at every stop!