Exhibition in the truck

The Stability Culture Tour “Safeguarding values, shaping the future” – the Bundesbank roadshow

What are the Bundesbank’s actual tasks? What role does it play in the Eurosystem? What is the Eurosystem, anyway? And what does all of that have to do with quality of life in Germany? All these questions and more will be answered in our new roadshow, the Stability Culture Tour. The tour is centred around a double-decker roadshow truck, which will travel all over Germany for half a year starting from April 2022.

The interior offers visitors an exciting interactive exhibition which invites exploration through play, clarifies relationships and imparts basic knowledge on the topics of the euro, payment transactions and monetary policy, with a focus on entertainment value. The information is easy to understand and presented in a creative way, making even supposedly complex or “dry” subjects accessible. Further information is provided by Bundesbank staff.

The idea behind the roadshow is to give us a chance to engage directly with local people all over Germany and position the Bundesbank as an attractive employer.

90 stops in numerous communities are planned from April to October 2022. Entrance is free to members of the public.