Bundesbank's civil servant training programme


The Bundebank's civil servant training programme begins on 1 November or 1 May and takes 18 months to complete with alternating theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical parts are taught in the form of two to three-week long seminars which mostly take place in our conference centre in Eltville am Rhein. The practical parts take place at our branches, our regional offices and at the Bundesbank's Central Office.


The Bundesbank civil servant training programme is a broad-based career entry programme which teaches you how the central banking business works from the bottom up. During the seminars you will intensify your economic and business administration knowledge as well as your legal knowledge in the area of central banking through group discussions, presentations and projects. During the practical phases, you will gain a broad insight into a central bank's entire range of tasks through information visits and working on your own projects at one of our branches or at one or several of our regional offices and our Central Office.

General conditions

You will be accommodated in the Bundesbank's conference centre in Eltville am Rhein for the duration of the seminars. We will also provide accommodation for you close to your respective place of work during the practical parts.

If you pursue a civil servant career in the Bundesbank's Higher Service, your pay will be in line with the Federal Civil Servants' Remuneration Act (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz) and will amount to a gross salary of around €29,265 per year throughout the Bundesbank's civil servant training programme. Persons who are married or have children will receive a family allowance.

Your prospects

Once you have completed the Bundesbank's civil servant training programme, you will have an array of attractive possibilities in all of the Bundesbank's areas of activity to choose from as a generalist.

Initially, you will be accepted in to the civil service on probation and subsequently, provided that the relevant conditions are fulfilled, into the permanent civil service. From then onwards, your gross yearly salary will be around €53,195. Persons who are married or have children will receive a family allowance.

Our requirements profile

We expect the following of our future civil servant trainees.

  • Above-average accredited Master's degree in economics or law or an equivalent qualification
  • Very good written and oral communication skills in German
  • A high level of proficiency in English
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Flexibility to adapt to varying demands
  • Willingness to work anywhere in Germany
  • You fulfil the prerequisites stipulated in section 7 of the Federal Civil Servants Act

Your application and the selection procedure

The advertisement for the following year will be posted on our job opportunities page during the application period (December to January). There you will also find a link to our online application form. Please attach the following documents:

  • Covering letter
  • Copy of your last school report
  • Degree certificate or evidence of university education and qualifications achieved to date
  • Copies of job references or training certificates (if applicable)
  • Certification of having completed military or community service (if applicable)

If for technical reasons you cannot apply online, you may send your application as well as a CV in table form to the appropriate office closest to your place of residence.

The applications will be reviewed once the application deadline has passed. If your application is successful, you will be invited to our selection procedure in order for us to get to know you better. The selection procedure is comprised of two parts, both of which are conducted in German:

Part 1

English test, Written test, assessment to determine your intellectual abilities (etc)

Part 2

Group discussion, Written assignment, Presentation and structured interview, In-depth discussion (Economics business administration and law)