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Office communication assistant (m/f)

Are you looking for a well-established commercial training course? Would you like the opportunity to take on communicative and organisational secretarial tasks and assist other colleagues? Do you also enjoy working with computers?

Our office management assistant training programme offers you an attractive start to your professional career. You will acquire knowledge, skills and abilities in the following areas

  • Office processes (information processing, office management procedures, coordination and organisational tasks)
  • Business processes (handling business processes, materials management, human resources management tasks, commercial management and monitoring)
  • Bank-wide tasks (organisation of training and work, information, communication, cooperation)

In addition, you will be trained in at least two Bundesbank-specific elective qualifications. Examples of these might be administration and secretarial work or human resources management.

Practical training will involve getting to know various parts of the Bundesbank and working on different tasks and projects in selected departments for several weeks at a time.

No practice without theory. You will gain the specialist knowledge needed to perform your future tasks independently in courses at a vocational school.

Recruitment locations

We offer our office management assistant training programme at our Regional Offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich and Stuttgart as well as at our Central Office in Frankfurt am Main. Trainees at our Regional Offices have the opportunity to undertake a practical training period at Central Office, if desired.

Training duration

The office management assistant training programme at the Bundesbank generally lasts two and a half years. In cases of exceptional performance, the training duration may be reduced by six months.

The final examination is comprised of two parts. Part 1 takes place approximately halfway through the training programme, while part 2 takes place at the end of the training programme.

How we support you

The Bundesbank provides you with extensive support throughout the training programme. Designated contact persons from our training division are available at all times. We offer you in-house courses (eg on banking and training-related aspects) as well as a range of seminars (eg English, communication and PC seminars), which round out the theoretical courses at the vocational school and support you in your personal development. Furthermore, we prepare you for the examinations to the best possible extent by means of special study opportunities.

Prospects on completion of your training

The Bundesbank offers exceptional trainees (depending on current staffing requirements) a permanent contract in the public sector, usually at the Central Office in Frankfurt am Main, or, in certain cases, at other locations, too. In this case, you will take on commercial and organisational assignments as a clerical assistant or specialised secretariat staff member in the Intermediate Service. Your future role with us could, for example, involve varied work in the secretaries' offices, the responsible management of data and supporting your team colleagues with invoice and order processing. Trainees whom we are unable to offer a permanent contract at the end of the training programme are usually still offered a 12-month temporary contract to gain initial professional experience. This will also give you time to plan the next steps of your career.

Successfully completing our office management assistant training programme provides you with a key for your future career, which will open up the door to a bright future at companies in every industrial sector. You may wish to specialise in a particular field (eg secretarial work or human resources administration) or you may wish to undertake additional training (eg to become an office management specialist or a human resources assistant). A wide range of opportunities awaits you.


Gross monthly salary Net monthly salary
during training
training year 1

approx €920

approx €725

training year 2

approx €970

approx €760

training year 3

approx €1,010

approx €800

after completion of training*
when you are taken on

approx €2,400

approx €1,590

after a year in the job

approx €2,650

approx €1,720

after three years in the job

approx €2,775

approx €1,785

* You would be remunerated in line with the wage agreement for the public sector (TVöD) (pay grade 5, Intermediate Service). The figures given contain a bank allowance. The amount of the bank allowance depends on whether you work for our Central Office or for one of our Regional Offices.
Calculation basis: single, no children, tax class 1, no church tax, no capital accumulation benefits.
During the course of your career, your pay would develop in relation to your duties and your individual performance.